Sunday, December 22, 2019

[Me Time] Elisa, Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

(sumber gambar di sini)

Ratna Juwita

Knock ... knock ... knock ... Elsa, do you wanna build a snowman?


That was my first impression of her. I made a new friend and her name is Elisa. It took me a long time to realize that one of my favorite Disney character is "Elsa", not "Elisa". I thought they were the same. 

Okay, where should I start to tell you about her from?
How I met her? We haven't met yet, to be honest. I knew her from Twitter. Recently, I like using Twitter. I am taking a break from Instagram because using it makes me exhausted somehow.

If you have already taken a look at my Instagram account, you will know that I am a book reviewer (usually known as a bookstagrammer). There are so many things I learned when I was using Instagram. I made a lot of friends especially bookstagrammers or book enthusiasts, participated in many book giveaways, and so on. Thanks to Instagram for all of the good things I have received from it.

I made my first account on Twitter in 2012. Wow, I don't even remember it. LOL. And why I feel more comfortable on Twitter rather than on Instagram? I don't know, but lately, I was following a language base account on Twitter and thanks to it, I met Anna. Eh, I mean Elisa. Hehe, peace!

I just wanted to send a post to the base, "Have you ever taken an IELTS test? How was it? What is the most difficult part of it in your opinion?". I didn't really expect someone would respond to the question. I checked it every hour and I found no one had answered it. The day after, I checked it once again just to make sure that I was being ignored. LMAO. But, wow, someone replied to the post! Guess who? 

Yes, that was Elisa!

She said that she had taken the test and got a score of 8.5! Wow, that's amazing, don't you think so? She really is amazing!

So, I decided to send her messages. She used one of the BTS members as her profile picture. My first impression? Wow, why there are many kpopers who fluent in English? LOL. It's not that I am looking down at kpopers. NO, it's not the point.

Okay, back to the topic. I sent her messages with my messed-up English (Is it the correct term?). LMAO.

Grammar errors all over the place:")

But, you know what? Elisa kindly replied to my messages with her God level English. LOL. (Don't you dare laugh at it :D)

She is a kind and funny girl. She said that she would be quiet if I meet her in person, but it doesn't make sense. Her words felt so energetic and lively for me, I thought that she is an Extraverted kind of person. If you read her chat, you won't imagine that she is an Introverted one.

What's the problem? Nothing. She just amazed me many times. She likes traveling. The photos she has taken look amazing! (Let's count how many times I used the word "amazing" on this post. LOL). I have never been abroad before. Seeing the photos she has taken when she was traveling, make me realize how small the country I am living in. 

On the whole, I like her (I mean, as a friend:'D). I hope things will work out for her. I bet she will be very busy once she goes back to college. I just don't want to miss every single time to cheer her up before she rarely replies to my messages. She encouraged me to keep on learning English no matter how terrible my English was and I was very grateful for that.

Btw, she is my first foreigner friend! Yuhuuuu! LMAO. Yes, she is an Indonesian but her English is on another level. I hope someday I can reach her level.

Astaghfirullah! This is my first time writing a post on my blog in English and it is because of Elisa! This is my first time but I have written a looongggggggg one already. Thanks to her I can manage it. :D

This post is a small present for her :) I hope she likes it!

Last, I hope she will do great with her postgraduate program! I know she can and I am certain about that! She is more than capable of achieving her dreams :) God bless you, Elisa!

Knock ... knock ... knock ...

Elisa, do you wanna build a snowman?

and then she says, "Go away, Ratna!"

Okay, bye... LOL


    You're so sweet Ratna �� and you know you're just as amazing, if not more. Thank you so much for this! I'll treasure it.

    1. :D
      Thank God you like it! Yes, of course I will take the time to write it all for you. Thanks to you I can write a post on my blog in English. Really, it is because of you :)

      This is the result of our lonnggggggg conversations and our longgggggg replies on Twitter :D


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